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5 things you should know about Google+

Google+ is a platform for enhanced social networking sites, launched on June 28, 2011. Subsequently, a version of Google + was launched for younger groups 13 years and older on January 26, 2012. This impeccably designed interactive tool It is basically one of the Google web applications that can be linked directly to your Gmail account and other Google applications. Google+ is an efficient and perfect place to drive more traffic to your site and grow your business. This app is a bundle of many features, but the five great things you need to know about Google+ are discussed below:


Google+ is so much more than just chatting and adding numbers to your friend count. It is an ideal place to meet and have a lot of conversation on topics that focus on similar interests. It is an appreciable amalgamation of fun and knowledge that helps people grow faster and stay on top of what is happening. The Circles option aids in systematic contact management by clearly placing different people under different labels depending on the areas of relationships and interests. The four standard circles available on Google+ are Friends, Family, Acquaintances, and Following.


Google+ is a perfect destination to hang out with all your friends at the same time. It’s loaded with features like chatting, video sharing, uploading photos, messaging, connecting via phones, and much more. Google+ is a fun space with an exceptional design to relax, enjoy and share all your things.

Game’s zone

If you are on Google+, forget that there is something called boredom. It has many games to make you feel relaxed or reactivated at any time. It has over 35 games ranging from strategic war fields to sports races along with game updates to share your active status.

Search scope

The Google+ search tab opens the doors for you to get what you have in mind. Write anything about your area of ‚Äč‚Äčinterest: sports, fashion, science, or politics; Google+ shows all search updates from the different resources available on it. You are informed with updates to your circles, web and other public posts on Google+.


Being one of the social media platforms, Google+ has predefined and superior privacy policies for its users. No one can be added to your account instantly. After the registration process, you have the authority to add people. In case someone adds you, you have the right to join their circle or remove them from the list at any time. Sharing your posts, video chats, and albums is designed with similar guidelines. The best thing is, no third party comments will be displayed in your notification box to annoy you every time.

There are many other Google + features that prove to be a safe attraction for anyone, such as Google+ badges, Spark, data release, Ripple, Google+ pages, etc. Google has created a vast space for people around the world to come together, interact and go global. It is an easy way to update yourself with all the current knowledge in your areas of interest.

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