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Another great bridal shower game: candy necklace eating game


It is always a good idea to plan your bridal shower games well in advance of the event. Some games take a while to prepare, so the sooner you plan, the better! You will need to remember that not everyone participating in the bachelorette party will want to play loud games or drinking, so a game like “Candy Necklace” is perfect as it gives the calmest people in the group a chance to get involved, without feeling uncomfortable.

Everyone loves to eat candy, and you can make a fun party game by eating candy necklaces that you had as a kid. This game will stretch your neck and your nostalgia while having fun eating candy from each other’s necks!


Buy everyone who comes to the bridal shower a necklace of candy. You’ll also want some damp towels so everyone can wipe off the treats that are sure to get all over their necks. Make sure you have a floating device handy if you are playing this game at home as it can be tricky at times!

How to play

  • Divide everyone into two teams and then have each person put a necklace of candy around their neck.
  • Everyone has to put their hands behind their back and keep them there throughout the game.
  • At the same time, have everyone try to eat all the candy from everyone on your team’s neck. Remember that you cannot use your hands at all in the game, only your mouth. The first team to finish is the winner!
  • This game can also be made by having everyone work with a single partner instead of a full team.

Yet another idea for this game is to challenge strangers to the game if you are out and about for your bachelorette party. You can be sure that you will make a lasting impression on everyone at your bridal shower and also on the people you meet!

This is a great bachelorette party game to start the night, because you’ll love snacking on candy and refilling yourself on sugar before starting the rest of your high-energy bachelorette night. This will also be fun for the whole group as they will remember how much you loved these candy necklaces as kids. Whether you have a sweet tooth, nostalgia, or just enjoy a fun game to start, having a candy necklace eating contest will be just the thing for your bachelorette party.

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