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Bandit Trailer Trucks – You Want To Stay Away From These

It’s deep winter and your car stops in the middle of nowhere. What should you do when a tow truck driver asks if you need help? If the experience of many people who have been burned by an experience like this is something to go through, not only will the company offering these tow trucks charge you prices that could qualify as high theft, but they will also keep your car with them until that you pay those fees. If you simply ran out of gas or blew a tire, it could end up costing more than $ 1000 for the trailer, and for the time they stay with the car until you pay. There was even a warning that the Allstate insurer published recently that said these cranes were encountered frequently. They call them bandit cranes.

Why would Allstate be so interested in keeping its customers safe from unethical crane operators? It’s just that when customers with comprehensive insurance or collision insurance hire these bandit cranes, it is the insurance company that has to pay the claim in the end. And of course, when their costs go up, they’ll make up for it by increasing premiums across the board. So how do you go about avoiding being taken advantage of when you’re stuck on the road and vulnerable?

If a tow truck passes by that you did not call or a police officer did not call, never give them permission to help you. If you want to call the tow operator, be sure to only use a service that is controlled and approved by a roadside assistance program that you have signed up for. When calling a tow truck operator, make sure the one listed is the one who called. Whatever happens, make sure you don’t give your truck operator any information related to your insurance.

What you are looking for, even if you are stuck and really want to get home quickly, is a towing company that takes your car to the repair shop you usually go to or a tow truck that takes you home. If they take you to a strange repair shop, they will likely charge you for every hour they keep the car. Sometimes they don’t take your car to a repair shop, but to a parking lot where they keep immobilized cars. All they are looking for is the opportunity to charge you car storage fees.

When a tow truck you requested appears, be sure to request a suitable printed price list that clearly indicates what type of charges apply. You also want the documents to mention where the car will be towed. Make sure you only sign right next to where it says what you will be charged for. Leave some space at the bottom of the paper and they can fill whatever they want in the space you have given them.

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