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Celebrity Fashion Trends in Women’s Boots

So, unless you haven’t left your house or bedroom since the end of September, you’ve most likely noticed that several boot trends are in full swing in preparation for the winter season. Fashion is delicate and trends change forever. Here’s a look at three of the boot trends to keep an eye on.

Top designers must have been watching old westerns when they worked this trend into their designs for Fashion Week. This trend is back in full swing, updated with chunky heels and more buckles than any jean would consider necessary. Frye is always a great brand to look out for when looking for premium boots, and they have a great selection of jean styles. If you’d rather not spend so much on a trend that might not be here next fall, try Steve Madden for quality boots at a lower price.

Since you’re not a cowboy who uses a horse for transportation, you can wear your boots with jeans for an Old West look, leggings, or a cute skirt. Even if you have great legs, it’s probably not advisable to show them off with your new boots and a pair of Jessica Simpson-esque Daisy Duke shorts as we head into the winter months. That look could attract too much attention.

Perhaps the most daring trend in fashion so far this year, over-the-knee boots are perhaps too dramatic for the taste of most women not directly involved in the fashion industry. Even without heels, these boots are attention-grabbing, sexy, and 100% fashionable. They can be worn, well, however you want to wear them: with mini skirts, over your favorite skinny jeans, with shorts, or over leggings.

For leggy women with the confidence to rock these boots, the effect can be quite amazing, especially when the boots also have heels. For shorter women, this is a trend you might want to avoid.

Love them or hate them, Ugg boots probably aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. They may be remembered as one of the great fashion mishaps of the 2000s, but for now they’re here to stay. Stay put and keep your legs and feet warm during the bitter cold winter months. If you live in an area frequented by snow, these boots are always a great addition to your winter wardrobe, no matter how ugly they seem.

If you have old Ugg boots that need a little more fur, visit the Ugg website for insole replacements that will keep your old boots as warm as ever. If you’re a fan of Uggs and looking for a new pair, try a pair of the sweater-style Uggs that are popular on college campuses right now.

If you really can’t bring yourself to buy a traditional pair of Uggs, try one of the newer styles. The “Highkoo” and “Kensington” really don’t look much like Uggs despite their warmth. The “Knightsbridge” also gives it a slightly more streamlined look than traditional Uggs.

All in all, boots are a must for fashion women this season, no matter if you live in freezing New York or sunny LA, these are a fashion must-have.

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