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Engagement Photos: 9 Helpful Tips and Ideas to Get Beautiful Engagement Photos

My last article covered the basics of what an engagement photographer should do to create beautiful and memorable engagement images for a couple. For the couple, though, listen up: there are some tips and ideas that will help you both get ready for the engagement photoshoot and prepare for the photos that you will not only send to friends and family, but save on yours. albums forever.

1) Research also known as “pre-search”

Due to the dynamic nature of two different coming together and combining their personalities and habits into one super-being, each individual couple as a whole has their own style and “image”. Make sure to brainstorm what yours is and also what you want it to be. Engagement images should reflect your personalities, quirks, and characteristics that make you so special together. Think about whether you want the engagement photos in the park, the location of your first date, an engagement session in the studio, or engagement shots in the city center. Write down ideas for locations and the “mood” you both want your session to be. This will help the engagement photographer get better photos of both of you!

2) relax

Seriously, take this as literally as possible. We have worked with couples in the past who are overly analytical and “freaked out” by their engagement photos. While engagement photos are absolutely important and vital to your happiness, take a second and relax. Do not forget to breathe. This will make the engagement photographer and most importantly your fiancé happy!

3) LOTS of water

Before your engagement photos, drink lots and lots of water! This will help hydrate your skin and make you look healthier and more alive. Sometimes the wedding planning process can be quite stressful (who am I kidding? Most of the time!), So help your body out and hydrate it as much as possible. After all, we are 75% water anyway …

4) Meet the engagement photographer

This is one of the MOST important things you can do! If possible, schedule a short meeting in person or over the phone with the engagement photographer to really talk about your engagement photos. Give the photographer an idea of ​​your personality and style (which you should know perfectly after clue # 1!) And let him know what you want and what you don’t want. The more vocal you are, the more your engagement images will look like what you want! Engagement photographers like directing couples so they don’t shoot in the dark … well, you know what I mean.

5) Color coordinate

This is generally an area handled by more women than men, so remember to coordinate the color of your clothing! Engagement photos look a lot more cohesive when the couple looks like they really are going together. Another hint: NO khaki or light colors. If you plan to use these colors, make sure you know the location of your shoot. It is difficult to adjust the exposure balance with lighter colored clothing, especially when taking engagement photos outdoors. Another good idea: bring options!

6) Makeup: wear a little

This goes to all my girls who read this. You may prefer to go natural in real life, but in engagement images, many of which are shot outdoors in sunlight, your beauty just won’t translate into the camera lens. If you don’t know how to do makeup, ask a friend to do it for you or ask the photographer if they offer a makeup artist. Use base! This will help even out your skin tone and create a better base for the camera to read and flash. Use skin highlighters on the inner corners of the eyes, the top of the brow bone, and the cheekbones. Google makeup tips online. Just make sure you wear enough to feel comfortable, but maybe a little more than normal so your engagement photos show you looking your best!

7) Put the FUN in engagement photos! (umm …?)

We’ve seen couples get so nervous when it comes to getting their engagement session done, so to combat the stiffness and mummy look, plan a session that is both creative and FUN. Plan it where you met, where you had your first date, where you shared your first kiss (and make sure you have a photo taken doing it again!), Walk through your favorite restaurant, everything creative and fun will translate to the personality in front of the camera.

8) “Eliminate the compromise”

So, you’ve heard of “trash the dress”, right? This idea can add a lot of variety to engagement images! Go to where there are fountains or water somewhere. Take pictures in the rain. Do things that might otherwise seem taboo for an engagement photoshoot and add them to yours. Get dirty and dirty! Have a food fight. Play in the mud (if you are brave …). Not only will you be having fun during the engagement session, but you WILL LOOK like you’re having fun too.

9) relax and be social

Just because you have a camera lens on your face doesn’t mean you should forget your social manners. Relax and make sure the two of you interact with each other more than anything. Engagement photographers know what they are doing, so don’t worry about them. You guys act like you’re in love (well, you are, right?) And let the photographer take care of the rest. The goal of engagement images is to portray the love you have for each other before your big day arrives. So let go of your inner bed bug!

These are just a few ideas to help you prepare for your engagement photos and also to ensure that you have a successful and positive engagement session. Your engagement is the preview before your wedding, so make it exciting and interesting! Show everyone how in love you really are.

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