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Foreplay for him: surprise him tonight with your new foreplay

Do men like foreplay? I bet yes! The analogy is really simple. The more and better the foreplay, the greater the sexual tension; and the higher the sexual tension, the more powerful the climax.

Plus, it’s already been known that men come faster than women during intercourse, so foreplay can be a great way to keep him constantly aroused while you reach your own sexual highs.

Foreplay #1: Look but Don’t Touch

Participate and star in your own peepshow tonight. Use the element of surprise by simply walking in front of your man in the living room (or while he’s lying in bed) completely naked. He pretends nothing is wrong and begins to twist, bend, and twist to give you images you can’t believe you’re seeing.

Of course, his tendency would be to grab you for lovemaking after seeing you in your ‘compromising positions’ but don’t let him. Instead, ask him what else he wants to see or see you do.

When you feel like you’ve tortured him enough, give in a bit and say “ok, now you can use your index finger and touch me ONE TIME wherever you want.” Then he may touch you again, but this time for a longer period of time.

Let this continue until he begs you to let him touch you!

Foreplay #2: Who’s the daddy now?

He’s so used to being the boss between the sheets, right? Well tonight, show him who’s the real boss!

To start off well, you have to be the one to take the first step. That’s how it is; Be the one to initiate the sex. For example, if you’re already in the room ready to call it a night, make sure you deliberately undress in front of him. If he asks what you’re doing, ignore him! Then climb into bed and give him a good kiss, while rubbing your hand (or yourself) against his growing member.

At one point, you’ll probably want to take the kidneys. If this happens, stop it. If he makes a move to sleep with you, push him back on the bed and put him down! When you want your own oral, get on top of her face. Never lose control of the situation.

When you’re ready for a thrusting action, get on top of him instead of missionary.

Foreplay #3: Up and Down, Up and Down…

If you really want to delay her orgasm, try the start-stop technique. For example, perform fellatio and when you feel that he is so far away that he is about to cum, stop what you are doing and focus on other parts of his body.

When he’s relaxed a bit, return to his member, but this time only use your hands. When you’re ready to burst, relax again and kiss him hot and wet on the lips. (Keep in touch. Don’t drop everything you’re doing. That would be bad!)

Now return to his member by sitting on him and riding him. Relax when you are so horny and play with his nipples.

This stop-start technique is not only delaying his orgasm, but since he never knows what you’re going to do next, it’s mind-blowingly erotic.

The do’s and don’ts of foreplay

It’s important to be CREATIVE when it comes to foreplay. However, sometimes practicality needs to be part of the mix as well. Just because something has been mentioned A LOT in some women’s or relationship magazine, doesn’t mean you have to jump on the bandwagon too. For a quick guide, read on to find out what MEN think are good and not-so-great ideas to do during foreplay.

the oj

nude photos. You know he likes to look at nudes. So why not give him a nude photo of you? Of course, you would have to REALLY trust him to give him a nude photo or risk seeing yourself flaunted in all your naked glory on the internet! However, here is an idea that can bring the best of both worlds.

Have YOUR digital camera ready next to your body. As you ride him, come up close, give him the camera, and tell him to take a picture of you, ONCE. That will give him, and you, a huge adrenaline rush. Then, during the afterglow, look at the image together, and then erase it.

So you made one of his sexual fantasies come true AND you practiced security by deleting the image immediately afterward. There is no risk of seeing each other online now.

Be a different woman tonight. Role playing can be a great turn on. You see, most men do NOT want to treat their woman anything less than gallant in bed for fear of being labeled tough, dirty, or even weird. That doesn’t mean they don’t want to! As for you, maybe you want to have rough sex from time to time. The solution, to be a different woman tonight by giving away a completely different wig.

For example, if you are a brunette, go blonde or vice versa. Don’t give him any hints and just walk into the bedroom naked with nothing but the different wig on. That’s instant arousal for your man and you both have a license to go wild tonight.

A bit of slavery… Women love to be pleasured down there, so why not make it even more exciting for him and you by incorporating a little bondage? Keep one of her silk ties nearby or wear silk stockings that you can remove during sex, and then ask her to loosely tie your hands while she pounces on you. Later, ask him if he wants you to return the favor. A silk tie or a pair of silk stockings aren’t nearly as threatening as a rope of handcuffs, so this is a great way to try bondage to begin with.

He writes bad words… on his chest. While he’s brushing his teeth, stroke and caress him to get the sexual flow started. And then, take out your red hot lipstick and start writing on her chest the sexiest and/or dirtiest words you can think of. Write it backwards so he can read it on the bathroom mirror.


Chocolate syrup is overrated! Don’t get me wrong, chocolate syrup can be a great foreplay item. However, do not overdo it. There’s a fine line between wet and sticky, sexy and dirty. For example, pouring some chocolate syrup on your breasts for him to lick is sexy. Putting a bit of it on his member for you to lick is also attractive.

However, pouring an entire bottle or tube of chocolate syrup all over your body is very messy and sticky. Also, it makes strange, screeching and unattractive sounds between their bodies during intercourse.

stiletto heels Wearing nothing but high heels is damn sexy. But take them off when you lie on the bed to have sex. Those pointy things are bloody dangerous!

Lubricants and sexual lotions. Be picky when using sexual lotions and lubricants. Some of them may smell nice, but once you try them… yuck! Major off. So the next time you want to try a product, try it first before you go and pour it all over her body.

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