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How to check vaginal pH when trying to influence the gender of your baby before conception

I often write articles for couples who are trying to control whether they are conceiving a girl or a boy baby. One of the most important variables in this process is vaginal pH. So people often ask me exactly how to take or determine their levels. In the next article, I’ll describe how this works and tell you how to get your reading better.

How to Determine Your Vaginal pH Reading: Step by Step: You’ll really only need one piece of equipment for this process. You will need PH strips that you can get at health food stores, nutrition stores, or online. Next, you will need to obtain a sample of your vaginal discharge, saliva, or urine. How you go about this really depends on what is most comfortable and works best for you. Some women will use a clean Q-tip to transfer discharge, urine, or saliva onto the PH test strip. Others will carefully draw the fluids directly onto the strip.

Once you have put the liquid on the strip, wait a couple of minutes to see the results. Most strips come with a color chart. The strip will change color and so you will get the result. Simply compare the color on your strip and match it to the closest color on the chart to get your corresponding reading.

Also, keep in mind that it may help to read the instructions carefully. Some brands of strips are specifically made for different types of bodily fluids. For example, some are only meant to test urine or saliva and some can work on vaginal discharge as well. And you may notice that your level varies depending on what you eat or the time of day. This is normal. You can use a regular, constant period of time to test, or you can take the average. But overall, you can easily see a pattern or trend.

How your pH reading influences whether you conceive a boy or a girl: The reason your pH reading is important is that an acidic reading makes you more likely to have a girl. And, a reading that is more alkaline means that, at least in terms of this variable, you are more likely to conceive a baby boy. The reason for this is that an environment that is too acidic is hostile to the Y-producing boy, while an alkaline environment is milder for them (and they often need this to ensure that as many of them as possible can compete for it). the egg.)

So if you’re trying to have a daughter, you’re in for some acid reading. And, if you’re trying for a child, expect an alkaline reading. But don’t be discouraged if your color is not what you expected. With a decent plan, more testing, and a little patience, you can often change your PH and get it to where you need it to be before trying to conceive.

Why pH isn’t often the only thing to worry about in terms of the gender of your baby: As I’ve mentioned, PH is only one variable that matters. Controlling or changing your PH can certainly help you choose the sex of your baby. However, it is likely that some Y-producing or boy sperm will survive in an acidic environment and some X-producing or girl sperm will most certainly survive in an alkaline environment.

Therefore, you will also usually want to use both the specific timing and the different sexual positions to achieve your goals. Sexual intercourse that occurs before ovulation favors the conception of girls. And sex after ovulation increases the chances of conceiving a boy. Also, the intercourse positions you use can also play a role.

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