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How To Create Peace In Your Trading Mind

In a world dominated by trauma and fear of impending disasters, you can be forgiven for thinking that the world is coming to an end. If you are a trader, you will be well aware of how erratic intra-day swings wreak havoc on your brain. If you knew how to create peace of mind in your trading mind, your life would be much more enjoyable and your trading would improve as well.

I almost don’t need to convince anyone of the truth of this that they’ve been trading for some time. I have worked with many professional traders over the years helping them calm their overactive trading minds and I will share some techniques with you that work without fail.

Let’s first look at the top three reasons why you have failed to create peace of mind in your trading mind. There are other problems too.

In this article, I’m going to cover the things that you can fix more easily, if you want to. If you tackle these three issues, you’ll give your overworked trading mind a heart start:

You worry about external events

Your environment is toxic

You lack the tools, or you do not apply techniques to create inner peace.

When your inner world is in chaos you cannot bring calm to the outer world.

While you continue to react to external events, you are at best delaying positive change. When you live and work in a toxic environment, your brain stops working the way it should.

I could write books about why the world is in a state. You probably can too. The media are full of opinions, judgments, most of them negative. Focusing on the why not’s will help you become a better trader, a better entrepreneur, or simply have a more fulfilling life.

Because? Because you have no influence on what happens outside of your own brain.

Universal law states that you get what you focus on. As you focus on everything that is wrong with the world, your business, Donald Trump or Hilary Clinton, you attract more reasons why you are helpless.

Accept that you cannot change the world. It’s the first thing you can do to calm your overworked trading mind.

It’s not your job to change the world. Your job is only to change yourself.

When you change yourself you also change the world.

Perhaps this realization will ease your trading mind a bit. It will reduce the concern a bit, however we are only dealing with one aspect of the problem:

In many years of working with professional traders, I have found that the effects of hours in front of a computer are very hard on the brain. The brain and the computer emit different frequencies that are incompatible with each other. Your brain will spend most of its time compensating for the mismatch in energy. This leaves you tired and exhausted.

When you neutralize the effect of EMFs (electromagnetic fields) from computers and other wi-fi equipment, your brain can relax a bit..

A great way to do this is with guided meditation.

Make sure your space is regularly cleared of negativity. Buildings have cellular memory, just like people.

Make sure your environment has clean energy and the meridians on earth are clear.

Geopathic stress is a toxic energy that affects all major cities today. It is a direct byproduct of EMF. Found underground, in cavities of water, running water, and excavated areas such as underground mining tunnels and underground, these toxic energies cause great stress on the earth’s mantle and on our bodies and minds. Geopathic stress is easily eliminated.

If you just implement these simple strategies, you will see your creativity increase and inner harmony return.

Most people think they are victims of their circumstances simply because they don’t know how the universe works. They are unaware of how modern life is wreaking havoc on our bodies and brains.

The next time you think you’re a bad trader, or feel overwhelmed by life, look around you first.

Ask yourself if you are using a guided meditation daily to calm your trading mind. Chances are, you’re just living life in reaction mode. Isn’t time the one that stopped and you started to return peace and serenity to your life?

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