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How to make your own paintball sniper rifle

Being a sniper is about stealth, camouflage, patience, and of course, having a weapon system that can get the job done. This article will talk about the things to consider and what to wear when making your own paintball sniper rifle.


The first thing to consider is the sound of a paintball gun shot. There’s no point trying to be a sniper in a paintball game if everyone can hear where you are every time you fire your paintball gun. Therefore, you must first start with a weapon that will be very quiet when fired. For this reason, you should select an electronic gun, rather than a mechanical one. Mechanical pistols are much louder because all the moving metal parts are connected each time the pistol is fired. An electronic paintball gun has far fewer moving parts and is extremely quiet.


Hiding is always an important part of paintball, but it is especially critical for the sniper. You need to hide your paintball gun extremely well so that you don’t reveal your position. Snipers only carry a small amount of ammo during a game and cannot easily escape after shooting because they cannot defend themselves very well. So this means that after a shot is fired, the sniper must be able to stay in position without being detected.

Cover the paintball gun with a material that matches the color and texture of the environment you will be playing in. Get some of the local flora (plant leaves, etc.) and attach them to the paintball gun with tape or wire. Rival players will automatically recognize the shape of a weapon from a distance, so you need to disguise the shape to make it look more organic and natural, thus avoiding the attention of anyone nearby.


Of course everyone knows snipers are all about 1 shot 1 kill so you need your paintball gun to be accurate and you have to master its use. You will need to select a long barrel for your paintball gun. The longer the barrel, the more accurate your shots will tend to be. If possible, use a barrel that can apply recoil to shots as they are fired. This will make your paintballs travel much flatter and farther than a barrel that does not apply any effects.

An 18 or 20 inch barrel is probably the longest you will want to use. There are longer barrels in paintball, however there is a lot of debate as to how much more effective they are. Remember that a paintball barrel does not have ridges, so the physics are not exactly the same as a real rifle.

If you want, you can put a reflector or red dot sight on the paintball gun to look through it, even if you are prepared not to depend on it to aim, just to shoot roughly at the target.

You’ll also want to be very good at judging distances, so that you can accurately predict where your shots are likely to land.

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