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How to place a bet with a horse racing cashier

If you have seen my Different Types of Bets article, you know that there are several types of bets to place on a race track.

We each have our favorite bets to place and some bets require a $1 minimum to place and other bets like the Daily Double and Pick 6 have a $2 minimum to place.

Let’s go over how we might talk to a cashier for the different types of bets.

To win, place, show:

These types of bets are generally placed with a minimum of $2. Some tracks allow you to bet $1 to win, place or show, but generally $2 is the starting bet.

Depending on which track you are betting on, that would be the track you would tell the cashier. For example:

Hi Teller – Santa Anita, Race 7, $2 to win in #4.

Hi Teller- Golden Gate, Carrera 5, $10 to show at #6.

Hi Teller-Keeneland, Race 9, $20 to place in #2.

There is a bet called Across The Board that covers the same amount to win, place and show. For example:

Hi Teller-Hawthorne, Race 3, $20 overall, on #5. This tells the cashier you want $20 to Win, $20 to Place, $20 to Show on horse #5. The total cost of this bet would be $60.


The bet is based on $1. There are some tracks where $2 is the minimum for the exacto, but generally $1 is the starting point.

Hello, Teller-Aqueduct, Carrera 4, $1 exact, 1 with 2.

You are telling the cashier that for you to win this bet, #1 has to win and #2 has to finish second. The cost is $1.

Most people who bet exactas include more horses, so a more accurate exacta might look something like this:

Hello Teller-Santa Anita, Race 3, $1 exact 2, 3 with 2,3,4,5.

This bet is telling the teller that 2 or 3 must win and 2, 3, 4, 5 must come in second to cash this ticket. The total cost based on $1 would be $6 to make this bet.

Of course, if you want to bet more on the exacta, just increase your betting base.

Hello Teller-Santa Anita, Race 10, $5 exact, 7 with 4.11. The total cost would be $10.

There’s a bet called the exact box, where whatever number you call can end up in any order and you cash in the ticket.

For example, Hello, Cashier-Santa Anita, Carrera 5, $1 exact box 2.5. This means that if 2 wins the race and 5 comes second, you win the bet. You can also win the bet if 5 wins and 2 comes second.

It costs more to make a box, but it covers all the horses in the box.

Another example of a box bet.

Hello Teller- Santa Anita, Carrera 6, $1 exact box 7,9,10. This means that if two of the 3 horses in the field finish first and second, you win the bet. The cost of this bet would be $6 or broken down (7 with 9.10) and (9 with 7.10) and (10 with 7.9).


The bet is based on a minimum of $1.

Hi Teller-Keeneland, Race 2, $1 trifecta 10 with 2,3,7 with 1,2,3,7,10. You are telling the cashier that 10 has to win, 2,3,7 have to finish second, and 1,2,3,7,10 can finish third to collect the trifecta bet.

Or if you’re feeling very confident, you can say: Hi Teller-Belmont, race 6, $1 trifecta 2, 3, 7 in a row. This means that 2 must win, 3 must win second, and 7 must win third to collect the ticket.

And just like the exact box, you can also have trifecta boxes.

Hi, Teller- Santa Anita, Carrera 1, $1 trifecta box, 4,5,6,7. This means that if those horses finish one, two, three, in any order, you win the bet. The cost of a 4 horse trifecta box is $24.

I don’t use box bets very often, but I know a lot of players who do.

Your perfect:

Many tracks now offer a minimum bet of 0.10 cents, which means that if you win the payout is 1/10th of what it would be for a dollar. So specify your bet in 0.10 cent increments. And there are still some tracks that only offer this bet for a minimum of $1. Check your local track for more information.

Hello Cashier-Santa Anita, Carrera 7.40 super cent, 3 with 4,5,6 with 4,5,6 with 1,2,4,5,6,7.

I hope you see that betting with the cashier is not very difficult, once you learn the basics.

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