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How to touch a girl and make her melt in your arms

Learning to touch a girl will allow you to gauge her comfort level with you every step of the way from how you relate to her from dating, to holding hands, to kissing, foreplay, and lovemaking.

When you understand how to touch a woman, she will melt at your touch, smile or roll her eyes, and then you can guide her further in exploring her sensual and sexual openness.

If she’s tensing up, crossing her arms, or pulling away, then you know she’s not ready for that level of tactile intimacy yet.

If you’re not with a girl right now, take a piece of cloth and practice touching it the way I’ll explain.

If you’re dating or in a relationship, put these distinctions into practice this week!

Think of it like practicing your kicks in martial arts, free throws in basketball, serves in tennis, and driving in golf. Starting to learn to touch a girl, you will have to devote yourself to the art of touch.

If you are uncomfortable with touch in general, start getting comfortable with touching everyone and everything around you. When I say play, I don’t mean a band, I don’t mean just walking right up and grabbing someone. While learning to touch a woman, everything should be smooth and progressive rather than rough and rough. This means that your initial touch could be a light brush that lasts half a second.

I’ll start with some mindsets to have as you start to get comfortable touching girls.

How to touch a girl tip #1: stroke her like you would a cat

When you touch or caress your woman, approach slowly, smoothly, smoothly and without sudden movements. Be intentional and sensitive in her touch. Feel what parts of her relax in you and if you should use large or short strokes.

Notice the speed of your touch, the rhythm of your touch, and how to use your body as part of the touch. If you are not sensitive to touch, a cat will run away or even scratch you. The same with a woman, so practice your ability to touch women with delicate art.

Touching a girl tip #2: Touch her like you have all the time in the world

Most guys pick on girls and make them feel scared because they are in a rush. The girl can tell that the boy is looking for something: sex. Even if the touch is brief, the feeling of timelessness can linger on it if you play it with presence.

If you can use your touch to take her out of her mind, the busy day and the stress and strain of life into a realm of everlasting pleasure, then you will become a refuge for her. The way you touch her will convey to her what kind of lover you are in bed, so make her feel like forever.

Girls will wish they could be with you and stay with you long after you’re gone if you can create these kinds of feelings and moments.

Touching a girl tip #3: Touch her as much as you can

Girls love to be touched. They actually crave it. Of course, they don’t want to be touched by just any man, or in any way. A woman has to feel some kind of existing connection with you before she is ready to be touched sensually and often by you. Create that disposition in her first through her words and attitude.

Playfulness and humor are always a great place to get a woman to open up to you on a more sensual level. When a girl says something funny, she touches her as a way to connect. You will notice that when you say something funny, women often touch you while laughing. When she does something amazing or shows a part of her personality that you really enjoy, touch her as a sign of approval.

When she’s tense but her body language is open, give her a massage. When he feels a little stressed, pull him close to you and give him a hug.

If you are going to have dinner, sit next to her and stroke her hair to increase the pleasure and sensations of the meal. You get the idea.

How to touch a girl, tip #4: make her fall in love with your touch

Nearly half of all books sold in the United States are romance novels. This shows you how much women want romance.

Give him what he wants! Touch her like you are an amazing lover waiting to make her fall in love. She hugs her and creates a protective bubble where the rest of the world doesn’t exist for a moment. Charm her with the way you draw her in with your touch. Express her passion for her through her touch.

Touching Girl Tip #5: Touch her like she means the world to you

This mindset may seem overkill at first, but over time, it will become more and more natural to who you are, and you’ll naturally give more of yourself when you’re around women.

How would you play it if you chose it 100%?

If this is the woman you loved beyond almost anything in your life, your car, your house, your money, anything you own, how would you touch her?

How would you touch a girl for whom you would risk your life to protect her?

Feel all these questions and transfer the sensation to your touch.

If you’re already practicing most of these contact distinctions, then congratulations, you’re way ahead of the game. If you haven’t, or if you didn’t even know you can have these mindsets and practices, then today is the day to start!

There is no time like the present. Practice petting a dog, cat, or piece of cloth if your child isn’t around. If you are dating or in a relationship, put these principles into practice right away. You will accelerate your knowledge of how to touch a woman through practice, so do it! You are just taking a look at what is available to you in your possibilities as a man. Take action and put these principles into practice and make some women happy!

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