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Kitchen Cabinet Ideas: 12 Ways To Make Your Kitchen Safer

Boiling water, sharp knife, gas appliances, electrical appliances… Our kitchen has many potential dangers. We have to try to prevent accidents from happening in our home especially in the kitchen. That is why we present a list of tips that you can implement in your own home and make our kitchen a safer place.

1. Do not place sockets or light switches near the kitchen sink.
2. Choose floors that won’t become slippery when wet. for example, high-gloss tiles.
3. Make sure there are no leaks in gas appliances. Have the old gas cooker checked at least once a month. You can get tips here.
4. Place a gas cooker away from windows and doors: drafts can easily expel gas without you noticing.
5. Take reasonable fire precautions: place a smoke alarm, fire extinguisher, and use non-flammable materials around the cooking area.
6. Install good lighting: a dimly lit kitchen is dangerous.
7. Make sure there are no jagged corners or sharp edges on countertops or furniture.
8. Avoid trailing wires: flexing from appliances and lights must be kept under control.
9. If you have a young child, invest in cabinet locks so kitchen cleaning supplies (and food!) are out of reach.
10. Make sure anything with wheels has a locking mechanism so it can stay stable.
11. Install a heat shield on the oven door to prevent children from getting burned while backing up.
12. Install a stove guard to protect children from accidentally burning themselves on the stove during and after cooking.

For more information on kitchen safety, click here.

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