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Marketing to your existing customer base

Taking inventory. What kind of products and/or services does your company sell? Many companies sell one or more products and/or services; How well do you know your business? Starting with a basic list or categorizing products/services will help you organize and add clarity when developing a new foundational marketing strategy. Once your list is built, you can begin the process of determining what you want your customer base to know about your organization.

Data analysis. Pulling lists by date from databases or CRM systems is the easiest way to analyze data because each entry in one of these types of systems automatically updates the date on the customer record. If you don’t maintain a customer database, the process will be a bit more manual, but it’s well worth the effort.

Data to consider in your analysis:

– Date of last contact.

– Last order. What did the customer buy?

– Notes on the account. Is there a reason why this client has not been contacted?

You will then need to sort the data in a format that is consistent, such as by product/service purchases, dates, or any other sorting method that makes sense for your campaign development.

Get back in touch. If it’s been a while since the customer was contacted, you might consider a quick phone call to see if the business is still in business or if the person still resides at the residence listed on their contact information. This can be done in a very informal and non-intrusive way by informing the caller to update their records.

If you choose to use email as a method of re-introducing yourself, use a campaign that informs the recipient of your intention… to get back in touch or another soft sell technique. Genuine, personalized notes tend to work better than a hard-sell promotional type letter.

Types of customer base marketing strategies. There are several methods you can use to keep in touch with your customers on an ongoing basis. Some of the methods below can be used every day, some are more long-term and will require a bit more planning.


– Use a signature block with a tagline announcing new products, new awards, new acquisitions, or other news of this nature. This is a very subtle way to keep your customers up to date.

– Use out of office replies to create a marketing message. Announce service changes, product launches or upcoming events.

– Create a customer-oriented newsletter. Set up a schedule to automatically send it weekly, monthly, or quarterly. The frequency will be determined by how and what updates occur within your organization. Always make sure to include an opt-out, as this is a requirement of the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003.

automated phone services

– Instead of music on hold, record a message announcing new products, services, and other updates the customer may be interested in learning about.

– Add a fax-on-demand option for customers who may be interested in learning more about a particular special offer or add a coupon that can be delivered through the on-demand service.

Websites and the Internet

– Keep the information on the website updated. Make company announcements on the home page and provide a way for interested parties to easily contact you.

– Conduct an online seminar or product demonstration. Tools like GoToMeetings or WebEx are a great way to get in front of the customer without all the costs associated with travel. This is also a great way to provide training. When you have completed a session, ask for feedback. This will help you determine if the message was delivered with impact.

– Offer a referral fee or search fee to your existing customers.

What are the benefits of grassroots marketing? In addition to potentially generating new sales, marketing to your customer base shows goodwill and helps build customer loyalty, builds an image or reinforces the brand, and gains insight into what your customers think about your company and your products and/or or services. It’s a win-win situation, why not start today?

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