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Origin of Yang Chow fried rice

Chinese cuisine has a very long history. The history of Chinese cuisine dates back to 1500 BC. C. The long history of Chinese cuisine led to its dominance in other cuisines around the world. The migration of the Chinese to different countries of the world caused the spread of Chinese cuisine to other countries. Many Chinese foods became popular and were adopted and mixed with the cuisines of other countries. One of the most popular Chinese cuisines is Yang Chow Fried Rice.

Yang Chow fried rice is one of the most important parts of Chinese cuisine. It is one of the most widespread cuisines in China, all the restaurants in the world that serve Asian cuisine surely have this dish on their menus. In some western countries like the United States of America, this rice dish is becoming a very popular fast food.

According to historical accounts, an earlier version of Chinese fried rice already exists as early as 4000 BC. However, the original recipe for fried rice was invented during the Sui Dynasty (589 – 618 AD). It originated in the city of Yangzhou in the eastern province of Jiangsu. During this time the original Yang Chow recipe was born. The original recipe consists of rice bites, roast pork, spring onions, peas, and prawns. The original recipe spread through Southeast Asia thanks to nomads who came from the Yangzhou province in China.

The rice dish originated from the peasants of Yangzhou Agricultural Province. Farmers use the leftover rice to prepare Yang Chow. Small pieces of meat and vegetables mixed with fried rice show that in the old days the dish was only eaten by poor Chinese families. The peasants at that time did not have enough money to buy large pieces of meat, so they cook the rice to be able to eat meat even in small quantities together with rice and some vegetables. During those times, Yang Chow was considered peasant food and was not served at any banquet or meal of the rich.

Today, Yang Chow fried rice is served in all Chinese restaurants around the world. It is also served in some restaurants that offer Asian cuisine. Today, there are many variants of Yang Chow Fried Rice. In western countries it is made up of leftover rice, egg, small amount of roasted or fried meat, soy sauce and little amount of vegetables. There are some other Chinese variants as well, such as Yuan yang fried rice (it has white and red sauce) and Fukien fried rice (it has grilled marinated shrimp and pork). In America, Yang Chow is now popularly known as rice in a box, many Americans eat it as a fast food because it is easy to prepare and can be eaten anywhere.

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