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The Hunger Games Official Trailer – Detailed Review

1. The first shot presents us district 12 . It is more rustic than I had originally imagined. Personally, when I think of a futuristic post-apocalyptic scenario, I think of more concrete dead vehicles strewn about, maybe some unusual technology. However, if this were a post-war North America, in a mining colony, this is probably much closer than it would look. I think the most important thing to remember is that the Capitol wants to keep everyone in check. The only technology the districts have is what the Capitol will allow. They probably cleaned the area of ​​any modern debris other than what they control.

two. Fence. Of everything in the trailer, for some reason, the fence bothered me the most. I always imagined him to be much taller, much more industrial and opposite. This looks like a simple cattle fence. I guess that’s all they would need to get the job done, but it still didn’t fit with how I had thought it should look, and you? And if that’s the worst of the trailer, I think we’re in great shape!

3. Gale and Katniss . I know it has already been said, but their conversation seems to be so natural. Like they are the old friends they should be. Liam Hemsworth was the only casting choice I wasn’t sure about at first. I still don’t think he looks like the person I envisioned, but so far he looks like a great Gale, and that’s the most important thing. The chemistry is there, but it doesn’t seem over the top, for which I’m grateful. A lot of things in the trailer don’t look over the top, which really helps bring it all together in a much more realistic way.

Four. Katniss hunt. Just a quick shot (no pun intended), but Jennifer Lawrence seems comfortable with a bow, even if the screenshot above showed her holding it a bit oddly. I’m going to uphold my theory that she was in the middle of pointing at her target, which is why her hands were off. If there’s one thing Katniss needs to do, it’s confidently shoot a bow.

5. Hovercraft. This is possibly when they see Lavinia fleeing the Capitol, to later become an Avox. Although this doesn’t actually happen in the first book, timeline-wise it could fit into the first movie. It could also be something akin to the arrival of more peacekeepers for the Harvest, or something generic like that. It’s really hard to get a good glimpse of the hovercraft here, but it’s worth noting how loud it is. Unless you’re remembering wrong, isn’t the hovercraft described as completely silent? Can someone help me here?

6. Harvest. We already got a glimpse of all the potential tributes in their best clothes. It’s also nice to see it all as one scene now. I know a lot of people wanted to see the vintage in the trailer and I think they made a good decision when placing it. It is especially important for those who do not know the story beforehand. I really like that we are already watching the big television screens. Television, broadcasting, and propaganda are so important to the story that I hope to see things like this everywhere. We also get a nice photo of the Capitol seal hanging from a red banner.

7. Effie. Maybe not as pink as expected, but still surprisingly creepy, out of place, and Capitol-style. His accent also hits the spot on what I heard in my head. Somewhat British, but not quite. She was not as “flying” as I had imagined, but harvest is a very formal occasion, so there is plenty of time for that later.

8. Peacemakers. Like Effie, they look completely out of place, which makes a surprising statement of who’s in power here. Great uniforms that are not too futuristic to look ridiculous.

9. Prim. We all knew Willow Shields was going to be a wonderful Prim, and she doesn’t disappoint. His emotion is so innocent and real. There’s not much else to go on at this point, but she’s more of a symbol and catalyst at this point than anything else.

10. Prim is harvested. One of the most important parts of the story is one of those life and death moments that makes or breaks everything. If audiences don’t feel the helplessness and despair that comes from Katniss’s love for her sister, the film’s goal fails. I think it’s enough to say that no matter how many times I watch that scene, I feel chills down my spine and I know I’ll feel it even more when I see it in the movies eventually.

eleven. Peeta. Josh Hutcherson has a talent for showing you exactly what he’s thinking or feeling, just with his eyes. In just that first glance, he looks first confused, then dejected, and then resolved, in three blinks.

12. Only one comes out. Gale and Katniss again. That line adds a lot and carries a lot of weight. Another good option for the trailer.

13. Le Train. One of the few computer-generated elements in the film. So far, it seems like computer graphics in general might need a bit of polishing, but there are still months to go to do it, and for the most part only the most demanding of us will complain. The design of the train is interesting because it has a cool, slightly futuristic, but still recognizable bullet design, and it looks like a luxury hotel on the inside if the brief glimpse of a chandelier is any indication.

14. The capitol. You don’t see much of the city, but it seems massive enough. It also has a very military look from the outside, despite being the lap of luxury. Appropriate given that it survived and ruled after multiple wars.

fifteen. Cinna and makeup. The scene where Katniss is helped to make an impression is quite stark and jarring. I had thought of it as a more intimate setting with just her and her style team, but it is really effective to see that all the tributes are being worked on at the same time in a hospitable environment; it reminds me that everyone is there to be killed, not to be considered as people. Cinna has only a small moment here so I can barely comment. I can’t say anything negative about what I see of Lenny Kravitz’s performance so far, but I can’t say much positive either. Hopefully we can see him really shine in the next trailer.

Now is when we start to do A LOT of things.

sixteen. The Interview and Caesar Flickerman. Stanley Tucci with a blue ponytail. He seems like an extravagant host. The dress Katniss is wearing is not as dramatic as I would have imagined, but this is probably a case of what sounds good on paper and is cheesy on film, so they needed to soften it up a bit. Still impressive.

17. President Snow. Appropriately creepy. Donald Sutherland has a great air about him that says he’s in charge, that he’s not afraid of anything, but that he constantly lives in fear of something to fear. I have a feeling that he will end up being a memorable villain as the story progresses.

18. The girl on fire. The car scene, so fast and small, that if you blink you will miss it. I’m glad they didn’t reveal too much, at the same time that they gave us a great idea of ​​what it will look like. I also love futuristic opera glasses, so to speak.

19. Tributes. The training room looks perfect, do you agree? This is also our first look at all the tributes put together. We see Cato, Clove, Rue, Thresh, and the rest. Officers watch from their high seats. This is also our first look at just how violent the games will be, with severed heads, squashed bodies, and impaled spears, and then we see Rue.

twenty. Peeta. I just wanted to point out that he looks classy in that interview outfit and that Stanley Tucci looks like he’s having a lot of fun with the role.

twenty-one. Haymitch. The trailer needs more Haymitch. I know Woody Harrelson can play a big eccentric functional drunk, and all we get is a little (important) advice. However, for those who don’t know who Haymitch is, that part could be a bit confusing. I’m not sure of his appearance, but so far we’ve only seen him as the Capitol’s clean version of itself. He will surely be more surly in other scenes.

22. Peeta and Katniss. I’m glad they don’t go for an obvious “they will become love interests!” route with what they have shown of the two so far. They obviously have very different ways of thinking, as shown by the conversation on the roof.

2. 3. Archery. Again, Lawrence really does look like a pro with the bow, which is great. His form looks perfect (archery experts, please intervene) and he shoots with great confidence. I just hope that the target we see does not somehow replace the apple of the pig’s mouth. It would be a shame if they cut that off.

24. Seneca Crane. That’s beard!

25. The mockingbird. The most important pin makes its appearance, but from Prim instead of Madge. From what I’ve heard, Madge isn’t in the movie, which is disappointing, but at least it still makes sense for Prim to give her the pin. However, we won’t know for sure until later, previews can be misleading, and scripts can change.

26. Rue’s death. “But that wasn’t in the trailer!” You could say. I am sorry I disagree. As Katniss waves with three fingers, I think it’s very likely that the crowd in front of the screens is blocking Rue’s body from our view. Another chill runs down your spine. Another great use of the ever-present media, especially in this case when it goes against the advantages of the Capitol.

27. 3 … 2 … 1 … The countdown is a perfect way to end this trailer. We can see the games from each other’s point of view, something that we know is happening but we never get to see in the books, and it really brings to life the way that everyone is forced to see and how everything is one great game. . for those who put it on, but not for those who play it or force themselves to cheer on a winner. Cheering for a winner is cheering for 23 other children to be killed.

28. The bloodbath. The beginning of the games is the end of the trailer. Franctic, crazy, and it leaves you wanting more right away because you know what’s about to happen even if you’ve never read the books. A quick note: while the backpack Katniss picks up doesn’t appear to be bright orange, I did catch some orange on the front. I think it’s another case of translating something to the screen without being distracting. I think it works

29. General. I think this trailer is honestly one of the best trailers I’ve seen recently. Set the story, bring the characters to life, suggest some intrigue, and even attract all kinds of emotions in no time. He also did all of these things without revealing the entire movie and every key scene! While some things bothered me a bit, I didn’t see ANYTHING that cares about where the story was taking or how this movie will end. March can’t come soon enough!

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