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The keys to everything you can imagine

There is a place in every city, town or village that was the “center” of knowledge, the place to rise above the daily routine. It gave you the ticket to countries that you might never visit in your life, meeting people who are an inspiration to many, and actually getting to know the history of your country, your family, or the events that happened before you were born.

Today, the chair is empty, the light is dimmed and the door does not need oil because it does not open or close as much as in the past. The floors are shiny, the tables are just to show signs of “dust”, but the “silence” says it all. Right there, on a side table, is a display of civilization, a tool that led many to make the most difficult decisions of their lives and, in many cases, alleviated anger, hostility and violence because it told the truth, it presented the facts and did not. all in silence, 24 hours a day and sometimes even in the dark hours of the night. This fabulous tool of humanity was the simple but powerful “book”. The shelves are all lined up and the jackets are straight, but the whirring of minds and imagination spinning and discovering is nowhere to be found. His miracle is on the lookout for those who just don’t come, the little ones who touch the pages and, if you believe it, imagine where the pages are gently leading them. While there were facts and figures, there was also “pretense,” a land of imagination, peace, and delight. The children were transformed into airplane pilots, engineers on a train, a graceful ballet dancer, a nurse who cared for the little wounds of life.

When he woke up during the night with a nightmare, there was a companion on his nightstand. You could turn on the light and rescue frayed nerves by flipping through a story that you may have read a thousand times, but tonight would be a beacon for safety and for making it possible to dream again. On a cold winter night, a book on a table near the fire was heaven with a cup of chocolate. It allows you to delve into a Sherlock Holmes mystery, as you snuggle under a warm tartan blanket and listen to the hiss and crack of a live fire. It may even have lulled him into a peaceful rest, while his mind wandered with visions, dreams, knowledge, and adventures. This book contained the key to unlocking the vault of learning about life, and why we do it and what we believe in. It gave you the opportunity to remake history in your own way, but it still gave you a safe path to keep moving forward, with the bars of the vintage, the old and the fictional watching over your steps so that you would not falter in the land of hope, love. . , And success.

Today we have portable devices, with bright lights and bells. You’re never offline as your cell phone, iPhone, or handheld will find the answers for you, spread the news, and even remind you of your schedule for the day and when to walk, sleep, or run. With all of this, your mind is strangely calm and becomes heavy with its own weight as you ignore its tremendous powers and potentials. Your “device” doesn’t even allow you to lose a single minisecond without making sure you have twenty opinions, directives and roles, but there is only one thing missing, your opinion of who you are and what you want. The machine now puts the realm of wonders aside as it directs you to other “apps” that contain even more answers that aren’t really yours, but are meant to influence, manage, and change you as a person. While adults with all their responsibilities feel that they need “instant” answers, even they miss a small part of being human: investigating, checking things at their own pace and towards what their inner mind directs them. Young people need to expand the talents that God has given them reaching worlds that they may never have heard of, but that they found in their time, in their own way and with a tool that could help them repeat it if they wanted. give it up for a bit, and know that when your thirst for this topic resurfaces, you may continue through the jungle of life but you would be a leader, the director, and the ghost of the past, present, and future.

The next time you look at a book, take a moment to touch the pages, stop for a breath at a certain page, and take the time to relax, enjoy, and be yourself. Put the device on hold, because most of the games, information and comments are not you, but those who hope to influence, admonish or alter not only you but what you believe. Your little device does not want you to grow in vision, but to follow its directives. You want to bypass your creativity and special gifts of imagination and lead you down the path that leads to whatever conclusion is right for you. Just go back to being human, being young at heart, pretending to be a lion tamer and re-marking your own paths, coloring your own landscape and building on what is such a wonderful part of you: your brain and what it is. . can achieve with you in charge.

© Arleen Schindler

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