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The latest trends in bathrooms

Hotel and spa-inspired bathrooms are considered a design trend for this year. Although bathroom trends change every year, earth tones and elements are taking center stage this year. The focus is on stone and wood elements, green plants and natural light, all of which will help people escape the stresses of modern life.

What is considered timeless when it comes to bathroom colors: white and neutral colors are the answer. Many people choose these colors because it is rarely possible to go wrong. The brave decide to play with colors and have fun. The trendy swimwear colors for 2018 are blush pink, green, and blue. If you don’t want to incorporate these flashy colors, you should put color on the wall or floor tiles.

If you want to change the mood and character of your bathroom, you need to install layered lighting. Hanging individual ceiling lights is no longer a practice if you want to achieve a positive atmosphere and relaxation. LED technology took lighting one step further by focusing on interesting details. The trend for this year are pendant lamps and decorative chandeliers. Make sure they meet Australian standards.

Over the years, we are witnessing a growing number of smart smart bathrooms. Unique to these bathrooms are sensor-activated, self-cleaning toilets, electronic touchscreen mirrors, seat dewormers, and high-tech shower heads. All these products increase the functionality of the bathrooms.

For a practical and functional bathroom, storage is everything. While you keep everything in your closets in 2017, this year it is trending to display your things on open shelves. This type of storage is well known in spas. Put out some folded towels, pretty potted plants, and essential oil bottles. You can even put some bigger baskets to store your personal things. Obviously, we are talking about a nice and beautiful form of storage, however, do not forget to keep things clean and not cluttered.

Mirrors and sinks may have the biggest focus today. Scandinavian-style and wood-framed mirrors are among the most popular. Sinks come in a variety of shapes, colors, and materials. They can absolutely bring drama to your bathroom.

You should know that this process is a long-term investment and requires professionals who care about every detail. Now, designing or renovating the bathroom of your dreams is just one step for you.

What are you waiting for? Dream no more, it is possible to have that perfect room just for you!

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