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Three Home Renovation Projects to Increase Property Value

At some point, the owner will consider updating their property with a renovation or landscaping project. These projects will not only increase the appearance and curb appeal, but can also provide more comfort and functionality. In addition, they can be an excellent investment when putting the house on the market. Some projects are more desirable for a higher return on investment. Expanding the usable space of a property will always add value. Installing new tiles and fixtures are just a few small changes that improve the look of a bathroom. And replacing cabinets and countertops are just two ideas to start a kitchen remodel.


Adding square footage will always equal an increase in value. Homeowners can invest in a new first-floor addition, or they can even convert a one-story home to a two-story by building a room over a garage or sunroom. Whichever person chooses, this addition can be very functional as a guest room or recreation room for individual and future buyers. When considering an expansion, one should discuss the plans with an experienced contractor to ensure that the new rooms blend well with the architectural features and flow of the space.

Bathroom renovation

If a person is considering selling their home, they should know that bathrooms are one of the areas that buyers notice the most. Fortunately, many real estate agents would suggest focusing on cosmetic changes rather than the entire design, so a person considering this home renovation project may notice minor changes like replacing fixtures, adding new tile flooring, or Upgrading your shower and tub can make a big impact. difference in bathroom design and first impression. However, choosing quality materials like granite and modern tiles is essential to make this project worthwhile.

Designing the heart of the home

Many remodeling experts and real estate agents will say that when it comes to a home renovation, a homeowner can never go wrong when updating the kitchen. As with a bathroom remodel, updating a kitchen may not require major changes to increase the value of the home and make the right impression. Surprisingly, even simple changes like new paint or updated accessories can go a long way. However, additional updates such as adding raised panel wood cabinets and drawers, purchasing modern appliances, and replacing countertops and floors can create a whole new and improved kitchen.

Numerous home renovation projects can increase the value and functionality of a home. While additional bedrooms and updated kitchens and bathrooms are a good start, a person can also consult with an interior designer or contractor for other creative ideas that add value and appeal.

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