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Types of sleeping bags for two

The two person sleeping bag is perfect for lovers or couples who want camping and other outdoor activities. They want to take comfort in one of these at a very high temperature. It will keep you cozy and warm throughout the night along with your contemporary pillow.

When it comes to sleeping bags that are good for two, you can only think of three types of these: the Guide Gear Elk Sleeping Bag, the Coleman Hibernation Queen Size Sleeping Bag, and the Kelty Eclipse 35 Sleeping Bag – Double. Wide. What are the characteristics of each one? Let’s take a look at them below.

Gear Elk Guide

Is your partner tossing and turning every time you sleep? So this is the best dream for both of us. The construction is really durable that even the two move in opposite directions, these will not tear. This is a type of material that is made from cotton canvas to keep the person inside alert and is perfect for outdoor activities. It is 50 inches wide and 90 inches long. This is really a great space for you and your partner. To prevent the cold from entering, the filling material used is a polyester lining.

Coleman Hibernation Queen Size Sleeping Bag

Coleman has bigger forwards. This means that the insulation can trap less air because its insulation space is larger. The material filling is made of 100 percent cotton. The lining is made of cotton flannel. Cotton flannel is a material that easily adapts to different weather conditions and is really durable. The Coleman measures 75 inches by 66 inches. one of these really has great space for couples while also sharing your contemporary pillows.

Kelty Eclipse 35 double width

This dream is really for tall people. Is your height 6 feet 5 inches and are you looking to sleep? Then this is right for you. This is also the best sleeping bag for couples during the summer, late spring, or early fall. This gives you more room for your shoulder, hip, and fit area. This bag has insulation made from synthetic cloud eaves that provides warmth whether you are in a wet or dry environment.

But your camp will never be complete if you don’t have your contemporary pillows. This will make your camp really comfortable and relaxed.

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