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Used Land Rover – From Working Class to Middle Class

Regarding the evolution of the 4X4, there has been a quite definite change in which the social class is better represented by these large vehicles. Until the early 1990s, the 4X4 was viewed as an incredibly working-class vehicle; providing versatility and power for the farm workers and ranchers among us.

Then all of a sudden there was a paradigm shift in what was considered aspirational and that shift was toward ‘good education’ rather than ‘new money’. With this change in the image of society, cars like sedans and sports cars gave way to the powerful 4X4 as the of rigor transportation of choice among the middle classes.

Now, fifteen years later, little has changed in terms of the cultural weight that the 4X4 carries. They can still be seen lining up outside every private school during the week and parked at supermarkets on weekends. The real question is whether these vehicles, designed primarily for comfort and versatility on rougher terrain, should be driven solely in urban environments. Most 4X4 owners will never take these ‘ready for anything’ vehicles on any more dangerous terrain than the M25.

If you are considering buying a 4X4 in the future, I implore you to push it to the limit on a dirt track as this is what it was designed for. I recently purchased a used Land Rover and have thoroughly enjoyed dealing with the rough dirt roads near where I live. I’m so thankful that vehicles as versatile as Land Rovers exist, I just wish more people knew exactly what they’re capable of.

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