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What is natural life?

Natural life sounds great. There are many organizations, companies, websites, articles, and people who like natural life or natural health in one form or another. There are also many ways to practice it.

  1. Nutrition: consume it; Producing it
  2. Health: Alternative Medicine; Herbs; Antioxidants; in natural form or supplements
  3. Environment: ecological awareness; Active participation; Recycling; Reduce waste
  4. Energy sources: Solar; Wind
  5. Lifestyle: Family; Consumer
  6. Share, write, work, film, talk.

There are many ways of seeing natural life depending on the degree of involvement, participation and even creativity.

The interesting thing is that it is a fact of life today because people know it; there is a positive attitude towards nature and our relationship with it; it is a subject charged with emotions; there is a fear of “nature’s revenge” if we continue as we do.

At the same time, we have to accept that synthetic development (to coin a phrase) has brought material quality of life and is an economic consideration in our society.

Having said all that, what do we mean by “natural” and by “living”?

  • Natural: “free from artificiality”; “according to nature”; “related to or with respect to nature”; “functioning or occurring normally”; “existing in nature or produced by it”; “not artificial or imitation”; “not have been processed or manufactured using only simple or minimal processes”;
  • Living: “pursuing a positive and satisfying existence”; “the experience of being alive”; “the course of human events and activities”; “condition of living or staying alive”; “inhabit or live”; “be an inhabitant of;” “lead a certain kind of life”; “live in a certain style”; “in its natural state and place (not extracted or extracted)”; “still in existence”;

Natural life would have to take these definitions into account, but above all it must fall under the umbrella of “Harmony” and “Balance”.

So after all that, what does natural life sound like with this definition?

“Pursuing a positive and satisfying existence, in a style that respects and seeks to achieve harmony and balance with nature, ourselves and the future.”

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