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Activities in Cabo San Lucas – Los Cabos is more than beauty, it has action and adventure

There are so many activities in Cabo San Lucas that you can get actively involved in that a fortnight can easily fill up with plenty still to enjoy. You will have much more to remember about your Cabo San Lucas vacation than just the warm weather and beautiful scenery. From a relaxing Cabo cruise to thrill-filled jet skis, there’s an adventure for everyone to enjoy.

A break from your tan by the hotel pool can make a world of difference to your Los Cabos vacation. Don’t stay there forever, you will wish you had tried something different. All the activities of The Cabo are about 5 – 10 minutes from your hotel or villa.

ATV tour Los Cabos

You’ll gain some insight into the desert terrain of Los Cabos with an ATV tour of Los Cabos. You just need a quick training session to learn how to take an ATV for a spin and then you are good to go. You’ll be taken on a tour of private desert roads, have snack breaks, and be briefed on the terrain you’re driving through. The tour runs at a relaxing pace so you won’t be in a rush and always trying to catch up. Don’t forget to pack your camera as you will get great photos of the Los Cabos desert.

Take a dip with the dolphins

Another of the variety of activities that you can enjoy in Los Cabos is swimming with dolphins. These mammals are impressive and intelligent. You will enjoy the satisfaction of meeting one of them while they allow you to pet it. Taking a dip with these beautiful mammals and getting to know them is a magnificent experience.

whale watching

Between the months of January and April, whale watching is one of the main reasons people go on vacation to Baja California. The whales move towards the warmer waters of Los Cabos and it gives you the chance to get as close as possible to these huge creatures. You can get close enough to lay your hand on them on many of the whale watching expeditions.

capes cruise

Another one of those easy Cabo activities is a Cabo cruise. You get to watch the sunset over the Pacific Ocean which is the perfect way to end the day. The cruises leave early in the evening and take you past Lover’s Beach and Archway, ending at sunset. You also get plenty of drinks to enjoy while you watch the sunset.

Snorkeling cruises are also available so you can enjoy a swim with some of Cabo’s marine life. The sea is rich in nutrients in Los Cabos, which makes it a good habitat for fish.

Jet Skis in Cabo San Lucas

Jet skis are a fun and easy way to get out to sea and start bouncing on the waves. You can take a walk to El Médano beach and you will find a few places to rent jet skis or jet skis.

The jet skis are not difficult to ride, all you need is a few minutes quick instruction, and you’ll be enjoying yourself in no time. The only thing to watch out for is other traffic, and make sure you don’t meander through the Arch into the Pacific Ocean.

Have fun

Cabo San Lucas is an excellent place for a vacation. It’s not a huge place, but there is a lot to do. It would be a shame to have a totally relaxing time and then miss out on one of the Cabo San Lucas activities you might have enjoyed.

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