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Baby potty training

Are you frustrated? I don’t know what to do? Maybe you just want to learn more about effective potty training for baby? Then you have come to the correct place!

If you are reading this, then you may be running into a problem similar to what most parents face… Potty Training for Babies. While most people take this as a big challenge, if it’s not, perhaps, a huge pain in the butt (no pun intended), then that would be your first problem. baby potty training It doesn’t have to be as challenging as people make it out to be; In fact, it should be fun and rewarding for both you and your child. And how is all this possible?

Simple – A change of mind!

Yes, of course, there are other resources that you will need in this regard to be able to complete baby potty training with ease, but first and foremost is the mindset. I’ll help you by showing you where to find the necessary resources and I’ll help you with the basics through posts here on my blog, but we all have to start somewhere… and that’s it…

Repeat after me: baby potty training is easy, baby potty training is fun.

Believe in it! Now – More on potty training baby. The best thing that I have found in my experience is that you should not push your child if he is not ready. Some children are ready at 24 months, others at 36 months, some sooner and some later. We are all different and we have to accept and understand this. If we fail now, don’t give up; try again at a later stage.

So now that we’ve gone through the first step, the next one is consistency. Children in general seem to adapt better to routine. That being said, we need to ‘create’ situations for them in order to potty train them. We need to give them more fluids, a little by force, but more out of necessity, for example: we could give them a cracker when they want a snack so that they are forced to drink fluids thereafter, or maybe (and this is another point that I will touch on later), as a reward for a good session, give them a bottle of their favorite drink. The more fluid they consume, the more opportunities they have to train, and the more opportunities they have to train, the more routine mental reinforcement takes place… This will lead to training becoming fixed… you know the old saying. : “try, try again!”

Another thing to keep in mind is the rewards. This is a great motivator for children and will help strengthen training as well as make all potty training fun. And fun is good, for sanity and for your child. Imagine a child who thinks that this is a frustrating and funless task, do you think he is going to want to learn??? So keep it as fun as possible, reward them with their favorite food and drink, reward charts (these work great – I’ll post some on my blog later), toys, etc. Remember that at this age your child loves to please you as a parent, so take advantage of this!

Some do’s and don’ts to keep in mind: Don’t show or take out your frustrations/anger on your child. Rather, if he or she were to make a mistake (and trust me, there will be a few, it’s part of the learning process), then show your disapproval of the actual mess through body language and facial expressions, but in the end. At the same time, give your child approval to try.

Also, don’t forget to communicate and show praise for even the smallest steps in the training process, because it is this affirmation that the child acknowledges and acknowledges and helps your child complete his potty training.

The possibilities of training your child in as little as 24 hours are not far-fetched. Some can do it in 2-3 days, while others can take up to a week. We need to accept and understand that we are all different and that the circumstances around us, our children and the actual potty training of the baby can affect the time it takes. But to complete this successfully, you need to show commitment and consistency, even if it means taking a few days off work or letting the child miss a few days of daycare, then so be it! So you will see that your child turns this commitment and perseverance into results!

I hope this article has been of value to you. Good luck to you and your child on potty training.

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