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Corporate and personal yacht parties

One of the fastest growing trends for corporate meetings and events is having a corporate social gathering on a high class yacht. It’s a chance to get away from the work environment and do something new, fun and memorable. Sure, as a corporate event planner, you could have another party at one of the executive’s houses, or you could rent a restaurant or some other facility if you have a large number of guests, but it won’t be something people will be talking about next quarter. When you have a party on a yacht, they will talk about it for years.

As the author of “What They Don’t Teach You At Harvard Business School” noted; business is about people. And people want to do business with other people they like and trust. Having a corporate or business social party on a luxury yacht brings people together as everyone enjoys the pleasurable experience as one. There you are in the open sea, watching the shoreline lights from afar, you feel an unusual and refreshing sense of camaraderie. After all, at no other time is that famous quote; “We’re all on this boat together,” more appropriate.

When looking for a solid party yacht charter company, it is imperative that the yacht is clean, the crew is experienced, and the captain is competent. It’s also wise to insure a company that has been around for a while, one that knows everything that could go wrong and does everything they can to make sure it doesn’t. The bigger the party yacht, the better, as larger boats don’t push each other like smaller boats usually do. They just glide through the waves and guests feel safe.

Party Yachts can be configured to best suit your event. Let’s say you’re having a wedding and you want a big dance floor. That’s not a problem. Maybe you want a large dining room for 100-300 guests, plus a nice meeting room. How about renting a yacht for a sunset party with a cocktail? How about an afternoon cruise in the transit areas of whales? Guests can see some whales, then watch the sunset, have some cocktails and have a bite to eat. How will you design your perfect yacht party event?

It’s easy to see why yacht parties are becoming so desired among corporate movers and shakers. Chartering a party yacht speaks volumes about your intention to bring together your most loyal employees, team, suppliers and corporate partners in a common passion. What you will find is that everyone you invite will want to come, no one will make excuses for not being able to attend as is common when you rent a hotel banquet hall or restaurant. It’s amazing how just one yacht party cruise can bring everyone so much closer together.

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