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Dating Younger Women – How To Flirt With An Attractive Young Waitress

If you’ve ever been out to eat, you know there are plenty of super-attractive waitresses and waitresses out there asking to be picked up by a nice older bachelor like you… While most guys go through this groping process only to be politely turned down, you’re about to learn the art of picking up a hot waitress from an old pro, yours truly.

The first thing to remember when picking up waitresses or dating younger women in general is that these women are usually more than open to dating older men like us.

The second thing to remember is that attractive waitresses are flirted with, watched and coveted by many men every day, just like strippers. They need to be polite and even flirt to keep the customers happy, but unless a guy really stands out to them, they’ll automatically lump him in with all the other lusty customers.

Here are some 6 killer tips to stand out from the crowd and pick up your hot female servant:

1) Don’t sweat it. Most guys make the mistake of paying too much attention to their hot waitress. They compliment her, ask her questions about her life, try to “mess with her” and give her big tips. These things will make you look like every other jerk client she’s been with this week.

2) Be nice to your coworkers. Obviously you can’t be a jerk to any of the staff or everyone will hate you. If she works at a restaurant that you frequent or have the ability to frequent, she tries to make friends with the waiters and managers. That way, you’ll have social proof and they can present you as a cool guy instead of just a random customer.

3) Be original. “So, do you go to college around here?” or “Wow, that tray looks heavy” are not lines that will work in your favor. Instead, tell him something interesting about yourself that will give him an idea of ​​who you are and what you are about. You can also make jokes about the patrons at other bars or restaurants, or whatever else is going on around you to draw her into a conversation.

4) Don’t overtip. This might work for strippers, but dropping $100 for a chicken sandwich and a couple of budites will make you look like a desperate guy who needs to pay for female attention. 30% say I’m cool and like you, but I’m not a loser trying to buy you.

5) Do not order feminine drinks. Don’t ask her for a raspberry mojito, strawberry cosmo, or any other fruity crap, and don’t ask her what to drink either. Be a man and have a beer, or some whiskey, or if you’re in AA, have a ginger ale. Also, don’t complain about the size or strength of your drink, the quality of the food, or anything else.

6) Do not write your number on a napkin. Back when I was a waiter, you know, I was calling up ALL the girls who left me scribbled little notes on napkins and credit card receipts… But if you’re a guy, you really should step up and ask her out like a man. She’s working, so she has to be polite and she definitely won’t tell you to fuck off. You don’t need to be witty about it, just say “hey, do you want to have a drink with me later?”

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