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Get rid of the other woman and banish her from your brain

Believe it or not, it is not as difficult to get rid of the other woman as you have been led to believe. Most of the time, there are a few simple steps to get him to turn his full attention to you. More importantly, it will make you forget about it quickly. That is what you want more than anything else.

So how should you get rid of the other woman so that he thinks of you all the time instead of her?

Be the best woman

Women can be mean at times and sometimes women feel the need to put other women down in order to look better. While I am sure you are not this type of woman, you must refrain from all appearances of becoming a woman at this time. Be gentle, not saccharine, but gentle, when you are around the other woman. Don’t remove your claws, have them ready … just in case. Whatever you do, don’t let anything bad about her come out of your mouth here.

Let him know your intentions

You don’t need to pretend you’re going to lie down and give up without a fight. If your relationship is worth saving, let her know that you want to save it. Men don’t like games. Shoot from the hip and be honest that you want it back. You don’t have to reveal your game plan, not even the end of the game. What you do want to do is let you know what you want and that you plan to get it.

Don’t play games

Don’t beg, beg, or sacrifice your pride on the altar of hope. Create a game plan that will give you the best score when all is said and done without doing things that are overtly dishonest or sneaky. Of course you’re going to be as crafty as possible. They just aren’t going to catch you because you have such a great game plan in your back pocket.

Be the woman you want

While it is important that in the end you can give him what he needs, when you are working to get rid of the other woman you have to be the woman he wants and the one he needs. Make yourself the desirable choice. Update your wardrobe a bit or take out those sexy old favorites that you recently stopped wearing. Remind him of how much you have to offer and how well they work together.

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