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I understood how D-mannose works to cure bladder infections

I just read a Suzanne Somers interview with Dr. Jonathan Wright, and I loved the way this experienced and world famous doctor explains how D-mannose works to cure urinary tract infections. He puts things very clearly, helping us to understand the vital processes that we should all know to have a better life.

Urinary tract infections are caused in most cases (90% +) by a small bacteria called E. coli, which is found in all living things that have a colon. Despite being hated for the infections it produces, it actually has a positive role if it stays in the colon, as it helps to finish the digestion process and also aids in some absorption of nutrients. So this bacteria only becomes harmful when it gets into the wrong place, that is, the bladder or the urinary system.

What keeps the bacteria in the wrong place is D-mannose, a simple sugar found here and there in the cells that line the bladder and that the E. coli he likes a lot. So it sticks to the D-mannose molecules and then crawls to the next and the next, sticking to the inner lining of the bladder. Not only the E. coli crawling and clinging very well, but also reproduces very fast, causing a E. coli population explosion, which, in our terms, is an infection.

And now comes the cool solution that Dr. Wright came up with! Instead of fighting him E. coli Using antibiotics to kill them, causing bacteria to fight back and develop resistance, exposing the patient to side effects and other complications, Dr. Wright discovered how to make everyone happy. He gives patients 3 to 5 grams of sweet D-mannose powder (a safe, simple sugar now found in many health food stores, as well as on D-mannose websites), which the E. coli he likes a lot. Most of the D-mannose is not metabolized, but is excreted through the kidneys and then into the bladder. Here, the bacteria are very happy to cling to these large eddies of their favorite D-mannose, leaving the bladder walls. You can probably guess what’s next: they empty the next time your bladder empties. So instead of fighting to kill bacteria, D-Mannose gets rid of the infection in no time eliminating it in the easiest and best way.

Not only does this theory sound good, it is also supported by thousands of people who testify to how the discovery of D-Mannose and its use has changed their lives. To see their stories, follow this link: D-Mannose Reviews

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