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Kids Yoga Certification Online – Cultivating Young Warriors

Kids Yoga Certification Online

The yoga poses for kids, yoga games and mindfulness practices in this course are designed to support the physical, emotional, mental and social well being of children. They encourage a healthy lifestyle through strength, stamina and endurance, high levels of positive energy, focus and resilience and awareness of our environment. This yoga for kids course is great for teachers, parents, educators and therapists who want to incorporate more mindful activities into their classrooms, yoga classes or therapy sessions.

This 95-Hour childrens ytt online is a fully online, experiential yoga training course that equips you to become a nurturing and inspiring children’s yoga instructor. Yoga provides profound benefits for children – from enhanced focus and improved emotional intelligence, to self-confidence, community awareness and resiliency.

Children are often exposed to stress, anxiety and negative self-talk through their daily lives. Yoga can help them to cultivate a sense of self-love, resilience and compassion by providing tools they need to thrive as happy, balanced individuals in our rapidly changing world. The course is designed for yoga teachers, students, caregivers and parents who want to teach yoga to children of all ages.

Kids Yoga Certification Online – Cultivating Young Warriors

The online childrens ytt yoga training program is taught by Jill Purvis, a highly experienced and passionate Kids Yoga instructor. This training offers a unique blend of practical, hands-on experience and deep theoretical knowledge. You’ll be able to use the skills you gain immediately after completion of this kids yoga training in your own teaching practice.

You’ll learn how to connect yoga with children’s needs and interests through age-appropriate themes, allowing you to create engaging, creative and safe classes that are truly transformative for your students. You’ll also develop a deeper understanding of the key concepts that underlie yogic philosophy, and be able to integrate them into your classes.

This kids yoga training course is a comprehensive, in-depth program covering all aspects of teaching kids and teens yoga and mindfulness. It is designed for yoga teachers, students and parents who want to share their love of yoga with children and teenagers. The course covers everything from planning a class to creating a fun and interactive yoga experience.

A lot of people attend these online kids yoga training programs because it allows them to get certified in the field without having to commit to a full 200-hour teacher training program. They are also less expensive than traditional adult yoga teacher trainings, making them a popular choice for people who want to increase their teaching capacity or start their own business.

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