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True stories of cheating wives

We always hear of men going astray and having affairs. But we also know that women can be capable of such things.

There are several reasons why wives cheat on their husbands. Most of the time, the infidelity of wives comes from loneliness and boredom. Sometimes a relationship with another man is committed as revenge for their cheating husbands. Here are some true stories:

cheating wife 1

A man notices that his wife of twenty-three years goes from computer illiterate to Internet addict in a matter of six months. Her trust in her made her ignore the long hours he spent online with her “new friends” of hers and even sending them gifts. Later, his time for his children also suffered. It turned out that he became obsessed with other men, even male prostitutes who solicit online.

His wife had become a totally different woman, influenced by the dark and perverted world she had embraced. She left her husband and her family, but not before doing as much damage as she could, making horrible accusations and horrible comments to other family members.

cheating wife 2

Another man found out about his wife’s three-month affair. He had slept with his mistress several times during this period. Only after being confronted and coming face to face with the evidence did she confess. Her husband was naturally devastated, but he forgave her so they could get a second chance and start rebuilding their broken relationship. The wife was truly sorry and she did everything possible to make it up to her husband.

However, the bread stayed inside. The husband did not know how to cope. He wondered if he should know more about the matter in order to get over it. The past seemed to catch up and hurt him over and over again. He forgave but could not forget.

cheating wife 3

Who could understand the madness that drove a man to kill his three-year-old daughter? A subsequent trial revealed that the man had been depressed for months after learning that his wife was having an affair. He drugged her daughter with antidepressant medication he had been taking and killed her with chloroform two days before her fourth birthday. He said he dealt with the cheating and wanted his wife to deal with the consequences for the rest of his life.

cheating wife 4

A couple got married after a year of meeting and falling in love while attending college. Later they moved to Italy and returned to Britain. A year after that, the wife filed for divorce. Minutes after that, she used a gasoline can to set her house on fire.

But before the divorce papers, there were already marital problems. It’s bad enough that the man threatens her wife to burn down her Italian apartment so they can be together forever. Among his accusations was the suspicion that his wife was having an affair.

cheating wife 5

A woman admitted to cheating on her husband every time she got mad at him. She had one-night stands with different men that left her unsatisfied. She wanted to take revenge on her husband through her infidelity, but she ended up destroying herself.

Some cheating wives blame their husbands for driving them to have affairs. But for a marriage to really work, it requires commitment and effort from both husband and wife. Cheating on your spouse is a selfish act.

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