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Which form of accommodation would be beneficial to you when renting in Leeds?

Which form of accommodation

“The university usually gives priority to international students on undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Students need to apply through the university’s student accommodation management office.

However, as some universities, particularly in London, have a very limited number of halls of residence, it is important to apply early, otherwise you may not be able to find the Leeds student accommodation you want. For off-campus accommodation, there are two types of accommodation available to international students: independent student flats and private shared accommodation.

Independent student flats. Independent student flats are usually built and managed by a commercial student housing investment company. The advantages of these types of flats are that they are individually enclosed and managed to ensure safety; they are all student tenants and have space for socialising; and they also have communal spaces suitable for students, such as a gym, recreation room, and even a swimming pool. Fees include almost all costs, such as broadband fees, water, electricity and communal facilities within the flat.

Which form of accommodation would be beneficial to you when renting in Leeds?

Private shared accommodation. Due to the limited resources available in school halls of residence and independent student flats, many students who know the UK well also choose to rent a room off-campus with a friend they know better. It is best for students to choose a private room through a list approved by the student accommodation Leeds management office. This is relatively safe and secure. These are usually private houses with friendly landlords, which can make you feel at home if you are studying alone in a foreign country.

Most host families are found by the school, which many students find to be more reliable, but part of the fees paid are shared with the school, which can be expensive. If you are referred to a homestay family through a website or by a friend, the cost is much lower.

The biggest advantage is the cultural learning. You get the chance to participate in the life of an ordinary British family, find out how they spend their weekends, how they celebrate various holidays, what customs they have, what they like to do in their free time, what TV programmes they watch and what their views are on things.

Then there is the improvement of your English. With this variety of situations that require you to speak English, speaking, accent and vocabulary will improve quickly without you realising it. After reading this, I hope you have a better understanding of what it is like to study in accommodation in the UK. After all, studying abroad is a turning point in life and every step needs to be taken. If you have any further needs, please feel free to come and talk to us. We wish you all the best for your study in the UK.”

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