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5 Ways to Keep Your Toddler Busy – Preschool Lessons

You walk into your son’s class. It is an image of order. Children sitting in circles listening intently to stories, groups of children bent over tables and diligently modeling plasticine, others on the carpet carefully moving cars on mats with marked paths. I don’t get it, how does he do it? I’m so tied up with mine. How does he do it with mine and 10 others? This is the simple secret way, try it and you will be one step ahead of those little feet.

1. Be prepared: set up a toy that says “play with me.” Whether it’s a train set sitting on a carpet with the train about to enter the tunnel or a lego organized by color. Have something prepared that your 3-year-old can’t resist. and once he does, don’t distract him, you’ll have a few minutes to fix that lunch box you deserve.

2. Change it up: I meet many parents who say they have a virtual toy store in their house and the kids still ask for new toys. Preschool teachers frequently play the ‘switch a bin’ game with a neighboring class just to get dinosaurs for the day instead of farm animals. There you have it: new toys at no cost. The next time you have a bored toddler, trade a container with a mom you’re both grateful for.

3. Make it happen: Child development theories exist for a purpose. There is a natural reason why children prefer to play with pots and pans and empty plastic containers than skittles. They see the adults around them wearing these items and want to experiment too. Take a page from Reggio Emilia theories and surround your child with the things they use on a daily basis: calculator, fridge magnet, old cell phone, cardboard box, even an old pair of shoes and watch as they keep themselves busy for hours. .

4. Follow your interests: today is cars, tomorrow is the doctor, keep up with your interests. Talk to them about what your latest favorite is and maybe even grab picture books from the library to keep it real. A budding reader starts early, those free but carefully chosen library books will give you an enlarged (and smart) toddler.

5. Sign up for blogs and websites – Teachers got the training, but you have the drive. Why should there be chaos at home? After all, it is the same child. Keep it up to date by learning about new activities from teacher resource blogs and websites – there are plenty. Then watch their eyes sparkle as you make neat festive crafts and make your own playdough.

These are just a few of the ways you can get that order at home. It takes work and planning just like everything else, right? But being prepared can take up whatever time it allows you to get dressed or countdown to bedtime. After all, you’ve done your best for the most part. When all else fails, you know you can invite a little friend on a play date and watch their eyes light up.

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