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How to plan a destination wedding in Costa Rica

To get the most out of your wedding, take the time to get creative. Think outside the norm. More than 25% of people have a destination wedding. They remove the norm of daily weddings and make the sacred ceremony exotic and beautiful. Costa Rica is the perfect place to have a destination wedding. As you start planning your destination wedding in Costa Rica, be sure to remember a few things beforehand.

Select your location

With so many beautiful places in Costa Rica, it can be difficult to choose just one for your wedding ceremony. One of the most popular wedding destination locations is the beach. Located on the west side of the country, Jaco is a coastal city on the Pacific coast that provides a laid-back, laid-back atmosphere. Not to mention the white sand beaches. Other ocean view options include a waterside resort or oceanfront villa, which showcases the sparkling ocean while also having beautiful floral gardens.

Plus, get a taste of the country’s volcanoes as a dramatic backdrop for your ceremony. From December to April are the most ideal times to get married in the country. Doing this helps avoid the rainy season. The weather is better and the seasons are more conducive to celebrating a wedding.

How to legalize your marriage

Destination weddings require that you know the local marriage laws for your vows to be legal. It is important to be informed about what to do in the marriage process. The main item is an affidavit stating your marital status, your place of birth, and also the names of your parents. Bring two or three lucky witnesses, friends, or strangers with you. If you are getting married outside of a Catholic church, you need a lawyer. The lawyers know what documents are necessary and required by the Costa Rican Civil Registry and will also help you send them to your own local Embassy. Paperwork takes time and it also requires patience. Be prepared to wait up to three months after your actual “Yes, I accept” to receive your final documentation.

Learn the customs

If you want to take on some of the local customs for your destination wedding in Costa Rica, try having live music at your wedding. Music in Costa Rica ranges from extremely common Latin music to reggae style songs. Traditional food in Costa Rica includes beans and rice, chicken, fish, and fried plantains. Fresh local food is a definite way to make your wedding feel more authentic in the place.

Work with a wedding planner

Having a destination wedding is difficult because you are not actually there to oversee the planning process. Unless you really want to elope and be spontaneous, have a wedding planner in place to help you smooth things over. Searching online is the best option for finding a local wedding planner. Working with a Costa Rica wedding planner will help you get to the country worry-free, knowing that everything will be better planned in advance.

Having a destination wedding in Costa Rica can be fun, if you have the laid back and relaxing attitude that this country has. There are many places to stay and honeymoon in the country. The best attitude to have during the wedding planning process is that of Costa Ricans: laid back, laid back, comfortable, and full of life.

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