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Using LED and Backlit Products to Make Your Gaming Computer Setup Amazing

Any serious gamer, video editor, or even Facebook addict will spend hours and hours in front of their desktop computer. And they will undoubtedly spend a lot of time using their computer at night, with the lights off, like a hermit in a cave. Here are 5 great ways to make your setup look epic (some might say you won epic?) For very little money:

  1. Multiple screens. As well as providing a bit more light (the one I have lights up my entire desk), it gives you twice the screen space AND it looks amazing to reserve. Most graphics cards, if not all, can support more than one display, just plug them into a replacement slot on the graphics card and Windows will recognize it. You can then extend the apps on both screens, keep MSN open on one and IE open on the other, or just have one run a lolcats slideshow. For the best effect, mount them on the wall (most monitors accept standard VESA mounts).
  2. Illuminated keyboard. You can’t beat a backlit keyboard for typing in the dark. Despite all the lighting a TV or monitor can give you, you will never be able to see in the dark. An illuminated keyboard, like the one you sell, greatly increases your night typing ability, especially if you are not a trained touch typist.
  3. A mouse on. These are pretty hard to come by these days, the good ones tend to be very expensive. There are some Chinese brands that are not usually that bad. I bought mine on cheaply and have had it for 5 years so I’m on the market too!
  4. You have a powered USB hub. This is less essential, but still makes your setup look better. Mine was a very cheap 10 port hub for £ 5 delivered. It has a blue LED in the middle that looks like … a £ 5 LED! I bought some sticky pads from Ryman for £ 1 to stick on my desk so it doesn’t go anywhere. The extra ports in a handy, lightweight place to boot make this a no-brainer. And connected to this I have …
  5. An LED lamp. This is purely for laughs. Mine is shaped like a giant delete key and again it was cheap on ebay, just £ 4. It doesn’t light up the room, it just looks amazing and is surprisingly fun to press on and off! What is life without whims? Follow these simple tips and your computer desk will be a double winner, too!

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